Saturday, April 30, 2011

One Step Closer

Today Terry and I were accepted by Gateway Global Outreach. They will help us as we work toward getting all the things done that need to be accomplished before we leave in July. We met with the Board of Global Outreach and two other missionary couples who will be leaving for Uganda soon. We are excited to see how God is moving in our Lives as well as the lives or the two other families.

We will be teaching in a MK (missionary children) school in the city of Loja, Ecuador and working at El Sendero, a coffee house that ministers to University students and teens.

Please be in prayer for us as we sort out stuff. It is amazing how much stuff we don't need. We will be needing prayer partners to pray for us daily or weekly. We also need financial partners.

There is so much to do. Heidi still doesn't have a home and we need to rent the house. I have thought about renting the house furnished. They would have a house with a dog, furniture, and food in the pantry. Things that I thought were necessary in order to live seem like so much stuff now. I am finding that the stuff I have has controlled me in some ways.

I have spent so much time accumulating it and moving it around from place to place. It is hard to part with it. I have let it take up too much physical space in my life. You know the saying "Life Happens"; well sometimes Stuff happens, and it gets in the way of Life.