Sunday, October 8, 2017

A Weekend in Gonzo

This last weekend Nolan and I had the opportunity to visit with a teammate in  Gonzanama which is a two hour bus ride from Loja. For the last several years I have wanted to visit a fellow believer that I had heard about from several others. Chandra took us out to the area that the family lived.We  traveled on a narrow  dirt road that was supposed to be two lanes. I think it was two lanes for two donkeys.

When we got out of the truck, we started the climb up to the house. Halfway up the path was a donkey that I was tempted to try to ride the rest of the way up the hill on.

 We were met by a sweet sister in Christ and her two grandsons. The boys were excited to see us and showed us their climbing skills and their chasing the pig skills while their grandmother cooked us a wonderful lunch of Repe soup and cecina. 

These little piggies needed some food so the boys were sent out to cut some grass for them. The boys showed us their machete skills. Cuys are a delicacy here in Ecuador. 

It was such a privilege to meet this dear sister and her family. Nolan lead in a short message after lunch and we headed back down the hill. 

Sunday morning we were able to worship with the Gonzanama Church. It was good to see new faces there. Thank you for praying for us as we minister here in Loja. Pray for the church in Gonzanama that it will become strong. 

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

A good Start

 Nolan and I had a great time visiting in the States. We visited with  family and friends in Arkansas, Illinois, Kansas and Pennsylvania. We attended two family reunions, survived a cave expedition and a dogfight with a raccoon.

We were able to watch the Total Eclipse together as a family which was totally awesome.As a family we played the Breakout game together in which the kids were all kidnapped and did not escape and the grownups all died in a volcano eruption.

It was a great time of visiting with churches to share our work. One of the churches stocked me up with M@ms. I will not need a supply for awhile.  One of the memorable experiences was when a pastor came to me and said, This has never happened before in my ministry." He handed me a envelope from one of the children in the church. I carry the envelope in my Bible.

When we returned we had a few days to organize our classroom and get started with the 2017-18 school year.

We are excited to be back home and with our students.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Nolan and I attended a missionary retreat sponsored by Dallas Bay Baptist Church in Tenn. We were treated like royalty. They ministered to us both physically and spiritually. It was good to be able to rest and relax before we head to the States. We will be on the road most of the month of July. 

It is the end of the school year. All the books are packed away. It is a sad time for many of us. Some of our students are going back to their home countries, but they consider Ecuador as their home now. They will be there for a year before returning. The transition can be difficult. Sometimes it is difficult for me and I am only in the States for a few months. 

Pray for them. Five of our students will be on home assignment next year and we will have five or six new students attending the next school year.

I have not posted much in the last few months but here are some photos of the work we have been doing. We worked with the kids of the OMS team during their retreat. Each month we did a Kids Club for the MKs. and a once a month Parents Night Out. 

Class of 2016-17

OMS Retreat

Kids Clubs

                                          School Field-trips

                                         After School Tutoring

Saturday, October 29, 2016

This past summer Nolan and I took a short trip to the Gatlinburg area. While there we decided to go exploring. There are many footpaths in the Great Smokey Mountains National Forrest and we stopped at the side of the road to walk one of them. After a steep walk up a hill we found an old cemetery. As I am walking through it reading the names of the people I wondered what their stories were. These were stones from the 1800's to early 1900's most of the people are now forgotten just their names on headstones.

Many years ago a pastors wife said that she believed that one day I would be surrounded by children and that I would have an impact on many lives. I pray that when the time comes and my life story is forgotten and all that is left is my name on a headstone, the children I have touched with the love of Jesus will keep on passing that love to others.

Continue to pray for Nolan and I as we work with the MK children in Loja. Nolan is teaching four high school students. Pray for our new teacher Miss Jensen as she teaches the middle school and for me as I work with second grade and work with the children during Kids Club and Parents Night out. 

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Nolan and I are preparing for our next year of teaching. We will be starting  our sixth year here in Ecuador. We are praising God for His answer to our prayers for a teacher this year, she  will be teaching the middle school kids. I will have second grade and Nolan four High School students. 

It seems that our visa saga is close to an end. As many of you know we were wanting to get a pension visa and had the paperwork done while in the States. All except the one really important document. The social security offices will not provide the needed documents. It looks like we have all the paperwork in hand for a Missionary resident visa. This will mean we won't have to apply for a visa every one or two years in Chicago with the chance of it being denied. It will also mean we can only be out of the country for 90 days out of the year for the first two years. That hopefully will not be a problem as we usually are only in the states for two months. 

The paperwork for Nolan and I to become SIM Ecuador associates is in and we are waiting on approval. Our supporting mission agency will still be who will be handling our support but it also means we will be more closely affiliated with our mission team here in Loja. We will have more accountability

I will still be working on my Spanish during this next year as well as loving and caring for our Mks. We also will still be managing the LMC building and are hoping we will be able to take some time to support fellow teammates in Gonzanama and another small town near there.

Thank you again for the prayers and support that you give us. We feel those prayers many times. There are some extra financial needs because of the changes in our ministry. If you feel led to share in our ministry please contact us or go to Gateway Global site to find out how you can support us.

Nolan and I were able to enjoy a week with the King family on the coast. It was a much needed time of rest and fellowship. I had a taste of my first prawn a lobster like creature. We enjoyed fresh fish from the sea and plenty of sunshine and are now ready to start the beginning of our sixth year

Friday, July 1, 2016

Thoughts on Packing

Years ago when  I felt the call to missions I fought the call because of circumstances, fear and disobedience. As I pack I am thinking of  circumstances right now. This is a difficult time for us to go back. There are circumstances in our family that make it hard. We have had to make some tough decisions and there are some other decisions we have to just leave to God and know that he is in control. 

There is some fear about our ministry when we get back to Loja. It will change and be different. Fear about leaving loved ones. Fear about making the right decisions. I know from the past that fear can keep me from the wonderful plans God has for us. But I have to be truthful it lurks in every decision we are making this time. 

Sometimes we don't know exactly what the right thing is to do. God doesn't just tell us in his deep voice "Ok this is what you are supposed to do". Sometimes you don't want to hear His voice because you know what you want to do. During these times you just have to obey. 

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Oh my goodness a Post

Oh my goodness it looks like I haven´t posted in a while. This last year Nolan and I have been busy studying Spanish. Our team wanted us to take this last year for language study. While studying Spanish we also have been managing the building and recently have been going out to a small town in the province to help two  missionaries on our team every other weekend. 

Nolan has been doing very well with his language studies. I am working on it. I have a problem with not using verbs. There have been times I wanted to put my head through the wall. 
There are times I feel like the walls are coming down around me

There are times when the walls really are coming down around me. The LMC is going through a little renovation. This is the bodega or closet in the building. Someday soon it will be part of a suite so when you come and visit you will have a nice room to stay in.

 I have also just started meeting with a girls club for the young girls on our team. The girls each take turns doing a devotional and we than do a project such as cooking, learning about childcare or a craft. It is a good time for the girls to be able to socialize with each other in English. 

Continue to pray for us as we will be going through some transitions. We will need to make decisions about our house in Hillsboro. We are becoming associates with SIM but also will still be with our sending organization, Gateway Global Outreach. Also while we are home for a few weeks we will need to get the needed paperwork done for getting residency here in Ecuador. Thank you for your support and prayers for us.