Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Jesus Bids Me Rest

I read a devotional book a few years ago that spoke to my heart. It was one I kept and thought I had brought with me to Loja. The book was about resting. To me, resting is taking a break from my daily stuff and then getting back to the stuff. In reading the book, I found that I never truly rested. I was always trying to figure stuff out as I was taking a break. Even when I was so exhausted from what life was throwing at me, I still never truly rested. I was always thinking about later, what if, whats going to happen, and what can I do to fix the problems.

This last week has been an exhausting roller coaster ride for my daughter's family and for us. Our oldest grandson was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. For them, it has been long nights and days staying in a hospital. Medical terms being thrown out in a different language, worry, frustration and everything that comes along with having a medical problem in another country.

Sometimes I lie down in bed to rest, only to keep thinking of what I am resting from. I need to let Jesus give me true rest--rest that the shepherd gives his sheep when he leds them into green pastures. I need the trust that sheep have. They know that the shepherd cares for them and only wants the best for them. I need to lie down by still waters and let Him restore my soul. I know that God is in control, but I also need to learn to rest in that assurance. Real rest is knowing God is in control and letting him have that control. I want to hand my thoughts of what I can do to fix the problem, all of my what ifs, and what's going to happen in the future to God. And when I do, I know I will have true rest.