Monday, January 13, 2014

A New Year

I  looked at my last posting and saw it has been several months. I will have to catch you up to what we have been doing since September. I have made a resolution to post at least once a month. Terry (Nolan) and I have been very busy with the MK school. Sometimes time flies by and what seemed exciting and new has become routine.

Terry (Nolan) is working on his Spanish and becoming more fluent. I won't talk about my language learning. Let's just say I wouldn't be getting a good grade if I were in school. Terry (Nolan) is still working with his Bible Study group for men on Monday. The Sendero Ministry has moved to another location so we have been busy helping with the move.

In September and October the classroom was being re-floored so we had to move classes to the third floor meeting room of our building. We were able to set the classroom back up in November. We had our first parents night out for the school year in October.  

Friday is Specials Day at school. We have Art, Logic and PE. The student population grows from 7 to 10 or more.

Our Christmas program was a success and thanks to Northview Baptist Church and other friends our MKs each received a package of American candy and I received my M@Ms medication.

Terry (Nolan) and I were blessed to be able to travel to the Coast to work with the OMS Missionary children for their annual retreat. 

The OMS kids listening to Terry(Nolan) teach the Bible lesson for the day. 

Pray for us as we begin a new year working with the school and other ministries that we are involved in.