Saturday, June 23, 2012

Terry and I are now in the states. We are enjoying the grandchildren, seeing family and friends and just relaxing. We had a great flight back with no problems. While waiting for our flight out of Atlanta to Dayton was annoyed at the news on the TV. A year without knowing what the weather is going to be and who might or might not be the president was nice. We have news in Loja but we just don’t understand it yet. Weather is unimportant news in Loja. No one lives their lives around it. They live their lives in it.
            When we walked into the airport parking lot I saw the trees and open space and thought to myself, God help me hate this place. There is not a lot of open space or trees in Loja. On arrival to Renee’s home we found that we needed to make an appointment with an eye doctor because Terry had been seeing big bees while walking in Quito. They were following him around in Dayton. He had a torn retina and we had to have that fixed. Then we got a call that the air-conditioner in our home we are renting may have to be replaced. God was helping me not like this place.
It has been good to be able to share the work that we are doing with churches and friends. Pray that we will get all the support for the next year of service. Pray for our family as there are some major decisions that have to be made. ­­­­Pray that we are able to get all the school curriculum that we need to take back with us. Bottom line pray for us.
So far I have been able to cross off some of the things on my Bucket list.: Long soak in bathtub, buy bathing suit, Sonic Strawberry Shake, trip to thrift store, eat barbeque lays chips, lemon heads, and drink Dr. Pepper and cuddle with my lambs.