Saturday, September 24, 2011

Loja Mk Academy

Rebecca teaching art class

Basketball game using a trashcan as the goal

Expressive reading

Sharing Time
as in what do you have to eat that I might like
Some may be wondering why I haven't posted in almost two months. I now know why Becca doesn't post much on her blog. I will not ever get on to her again for not posting more. We are up 7,000 feet and your brain just doesn't work well this high. The air makes you really forgetful and you can't remember your password. You spend so much time chasing trashmen and climbing four flights of stairs that you can't use the keyboard. Your blog site is in spanish and you can't read the directions. You have lost so much weight that there isn't enough pressure in your fingertips to push down the keys. Our internet comes and goes, mostly goes.

We are into our fourth week of school and the students have settled in. We have a first grader, two second graders, two fourth graders and a sixth grader. Our students are Ecuadorian Irish, Ecuadorian American, and American. It truly is a one room school. Terry and I love it here. My language skills are getting better but I need to get out more and use them. It is harder to do now that we are teaching.

We live in the same building as the school so we don't have far to travel. Most schools in Loja are only for a half day. They are able to have two sessions of classes that way. Our school is from 9 to 1. We than go to El Sendero for almuerzo with the grandkids. After lunch we have our spanish lessons. Terry helps with the English ministry on Sunday nights and Tuesday nites he has a Bible study. He is also learning to play bass guitar for church services. I have been working with Becca in her class of children on Sunday. I mostly sit, listen and smile at the kids.

We also manage the LMC. That is the building we live in and the school is in. It is like a hostel. We have people coming and going. Many of the missionaries who live out of the area come for a few nites when they are in town. We also put up mission teams who are working in the area. When I was younger my dream was to be a missionary, a teacher and sometimes I thought I would like to run a bed and breakfast. God has blessed me by letting me live my dreams.