Sunday, March 30, 2014

Old Mac Donald had a Farm

Did you know that animals in other countries don't say what American animals say. I was surprised to learn that animals in different countries speak their own language,

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Cornbeef and Cabbage and other things I miss

Sometimes while reading my Facebook friends’ posts telling me about the flowers blooming, the first signs of spring and foods I can’t get here like corn beef and cabbage. I get a little State sick. I can’t say homesick, because I am home.

After brushing my teeth with sunscreen this morning--I don’t endorse it--I headed out to the Sunday market. There was a band playing, and I thought this beats elevator music. I walked the streets looking at fruits and vegetables that we wouldn't be able to purchase in the states. I listened to live music in the square that I would not be able to hear in the States. I bought my strawberries from the same vender I buy from each Sunday, who recognizes me and says hello. I am hoping one day to be able to say more than hello and how are you to her. I am able to walk a half a block to purchase fresh fruit and veggies. The total cost for two pounds of strawberries, a pound of carrots and onions and four plums was 4.oo.

We attended a house church way up a hill and listened to praise music over and over. Normally I don’t like praise music over and over, but I have found it is a really good way to learn a new language. What better way than to sing praises to God. I am standing there among brothers and sisters I had not met before, tears running down my face, raising my hands in praise, singing the songs over and over, not my normal Baptist worship pattern. I watched as one of our young students sang with her whole heart and lead others in worship. I watched as our older teens led in a drama depicting the Old Testament.

Yes I do miss the first signs of spring, corn beef and other foods I can’t get here and the old hymns, but I would not give up what we are doing for all the corn beef and cabbage  in the world.