Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Oh my goodness a Post

Oh my goodness it looks like I haven´t posted in a while. This last year Nolan and I have been busy studying Spanish. Our team wanted us to take this last year for language study. While studying Spanish we also have been managing the building and recently have been going out to a small town in the province to help two  missionaries on our team every other weekend. 

Nolan has been doing very well with his language studies. I am working on it. I have a problem with not using verbs. There have been times I wanted to put my head through the wall. 
There are times I feel like the walls are coming down around me

There are times when the walls really are coming down around me. The LMC is going through a little renovation. This is the bodega or closet in the building. Someday soon it will be part of a suite so when you come and visit you will have a nice room to stay in.

 I have also just started meeting with a girls club for the young girls on our team. The girls each take turns doing a devotional and we than do a project such as cooking, learning about childcare or a craft. It is a good time for the girls to be able to socialize with each other in English. 

Continue to pray for us as we will be going through some transitions. We will need to make decisions about our house in Hillsboro. We are becoming associates with SIM but also will still be with our sending organization, Gateway Global Outreach. Also while we are home for a few weeks we will need to get the needed paperwork done for getting residency here in Ecuador. Thank you for your support and prayers for us.