Wednesday, April 24, 2013

God Is This For Real

As I started trying to pack up some stuff before I leave for the states for a few weeks, I spotted my diary that I started before we left the States the first time, two years ago. As I was reading it, I was able to see that God is faithful. He has blessed Terry and I over abundantly. The last two years have been the most satisfying time in our lives. The grammar and sentence structure is bad, but it is exactly what I wrote.

July 5
 God is this for real? Was this all in our heads. Did we really hear you say go. The House is empty. I am feeling that way. Scared ,hurting for Nae. I can’t be with her. I have to take on faith that what we are doing is God’s will, sitting at Moms house for dinner, thinking this may be the last time we see them or grandma. The wildflowers are growing. Will the renters care for our home, will there be renters? So much stuff so little room in suitcases. Leaving family, friends, church house kids, dog, job to what? God has plans for us not to hurt us but to give us joy. If this is a crazy idea, God will make it good, right? So tired, want to cry. House not rented, medical insurance denied, my glasses not in, Renee hurt in accident, no house insurance. Going anyway. God help us.

July 7
Packed two times and finally got all in car. Hard to leave my babies. Went thru airport ok. Had to remove my money belt. I said bye to Nae and family. Lots undone but will have to learn to make do. Good time with the Mintons. They met us at the airport in Altanta for lunch. Twenty ones years didn’t make a difference, like we had been together all the time. Starting to get excited. Feel like I can relax now. While sitting in airport tram was thinking that pole dancers must practice on the tram.

July 8
Went to Center of World. Nice walk mostly crashed. Going to Loja in the morning. This is my new normal. House may have a renter.

July 9
Culture Shock! Got to Loja- Came to apartment. It is really small, not sure how we will live here. Spoiled. I think we can make it nice for us. Went with Becca to see her apt. My first thoughts were Chicago Ghetto, but Becca helped me to see that it was good upside of what the norm is. I need to see that my normal isn’t always normal. First day here was scary. Odd man out. Shopping prices were high. Cleaned cabinets and washed some walls down. Hoping I find paint, to paint Apt. God use us here. Make us your instruments.

July 10
Domingo went to church, good service. Didn’t understand but a few words. Want to be able to greet people better. Market Day. Lots of vegetables I never heard of. Lunch at Beccas, Dustans meat was great. Came home late afternoon. Smell in kitchen is getting worse.

July 11
Rainy morning. Getting rest of luggage. Tile floors are slippery when wet. Got look at classrooms. Was overwhelmed. Stuff everywhere, don’t know where to begin! The next two months will be putting school in order. Started sorting books. Went to Sendero for lunch and worked most of day in the school. 

July 11
A man kept banging on front gate. Terry answered. Man wanted to speak to a pastor. Becca was helping me so Terry got Becca. Terry, Becca and man disappeared for a long time. Got several calls on phone but was too scared to answer because I don’t speak Spanish. It was Becca. - She told me that the man wanted to speak to a pastor ,so she and dad went to Sendero, on the way to Sendero Becca got call from David to say someone needed her. She said she was on way with someone who needed him. When they got there she met a friend she had not seen in a while who needed help with English. Terry helped with the English, Becca renewed a friendship, and David counseled with a man.

It has been two years and our little apartment we live in is perfect for us. Our house was rented to good renters, and insurance taken care of. The wildflowers have come up in the yard in Hillsboro twice. Renee’s injured leg healed without me, glasses came into Ecuador later that month with another person, and we will be seeing mom and dad again when we get home. Grandma went to be with Jesus, but God gave comfort to us during that time. I am able to understand much of the sermons now and I am even helping in children’s Sunday School. We have had two wonderful years working with the school and God has opened up other ministries for us.
In a few weeks I will be back in the States watching a new lamb become part of our family and seeing my little lambs that aren’t so little anymore. 

Some of the concerns that I had before we left the first time, the house renting and insurance and maybe seeing some family members for the last time will still be there, but I can look back and see that God was and is in control. 

Our adventures keep on going. I will be flying out of Ecuador without Terry, sitting in the Quito airport for 14 hours before leaving for the States, than going thru Atlanta and customs by myself. I can do it, I am a big girl now. Two years ago I would have been put into the hospital just thinking about it.

God is this for Real? Yes Patty it is for real, it wasn’t all just in your heads. I was just waiting for you and Terry to obey and trust me. I have more real waiting for you.