Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Most days on my facebook I like to post a word for the day. The word for today on this blog post is transition
a : passage from one state, stage, subject, or place to another : change
b : a movement, development, or evolution from one form, stage, or style to another 
Life as a missionary is one of many transitions. Leaving, arriving, hellos and goodbyes, language success and failures, changes and same ole same ole. 
Terry and I have had a good two months here in the States. I was able to participate with our family as a new granddaughter was added. We have visited family and friends and were able to stay in a little cabin in the woods for a few days. 
We survived four families living for a few weeks under the same roof. Thankful that Renee and Jesse have a large house and a generous hearts. I have enjoyed thrift store shopping and Sonic. I have not enjoyed the weight gain, but will enjoy the weight loss when we return to Loja. I am looking forward to walking the Loja streets again. 
I haven't spoken a word of spanish here in the States and hope that it will come back to me quickly.  There will be changes in the work we are doing this next year.
Last year we had two teachers from Canada that taught so I worked with tutoring and Kids Club. This year I will be teaching again. I am more comfortable working with younger children but this school year I will have 4th - 6th grades. 
When we left Loja we had to say many goodbyes to fellow missionary friends who will be leaving for State Side or leaving the field for other mission work. They won't be there when we return. There will be new families added to our team and we will be able to welcome them to our mission family. 
When we first arrived to Loja it was all new and exciting. Some of excitement and newness will be gone when we return. It will be home. Terry and I both welcome the new transitions that God has planned for us. Some will be difficult, hard and even heartbreaking. Many will be exciting, spiritually stretching and challenging.
Pray for us as we work with the children in the Loja Study Center. Pray for Terry as he starts his weekly Bible study up and for me as I schedule the missionary children's programs.