Thursday, June 2, 2011

Things Are Moving Fast

This past month I would lie in bed and wonder "Is this for real? God do you really want us to go to Ecuador?"

Then I would get up and I would start thinking of things I needed to do to make it possible for us to go.

Well God said, "I guess you need a rest from doing MY job." And then he let me have a few days in the hospital to rest. The doctors told me I could not lift anything for six weeks. God took me out of control and is showing Terry and me that HE can and will handle all the things that need to be done.

He truly is Jehovah Jirah.

One by one, God has proven that He will provide what we need.

We may have a renter for the house and Heidi has a new home. A family in Louisiana has decided to make her part of their family. These were two of our biggest concerns.

We had a garage sale last week and made enough to cover my visa. I told Terry that he was going to have to have to have a sale for himself to cover his own visa, but this past Wednesday a gift was given to us that would cover his visa. God is so good.

We will be traveling to Chicago on Monday to pick up our visas.

Pray for us.
Pray that we have all the paperwork that we need and that the officials will look kindly on us. Pray that we will be able to get our monthly support and our airfare.
Pray that the small mission church we attend will grow and that someone will come to help with the music and children's Sunday school.

We want to thank everyone who has given us support both financial and in prayer. If God lays it on your heart to give monthly support or one time support you can go to there is a tab at the top for donating.
Also please let us know if you will be a prayer advocate for us.

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  1. Hi Terry and Patty! I just wanted say thanks for your comment on my blog a while ago. I tried to click on over and comment here, but couldn't for some reason. Now I can! Awesome that you are going to Ecuador! I LOVE Ecuador! It's where I learned Spanish (I lived in Riobamba for a year as an exchange student) and we took our whole family there on a mission trip 3 years ago. Love, love, LOVE Ecuador and would move there in a second, but looks like Argetina for us. :) That is wonderful you are going, and now that I can click on your site I'll follow your great adventure! How wonderful. muchas bendiciones and remember, God blesses obedience! Chris :)