Sunday, November 11, 2012

Thoughts on a Piece of Candy

Candy - C...

I was helping in Sunday school today and one of the teachers passed out candy to each of the children. The candy was inexpensive and each child was given a different kind. Not one of the children said I want that one or complained about the candy given. Not one child asked another to exchange what they had. Each child was happy with the candy given him. 

I had to think of the times that I have been given a gift and thought, hey I wanted something else or that other person got something better or different from me. Thoughts of ungratefulness. Oh how ungrateful I have become. 

Watching the children I couldn’t help thinking later about my thankfulness and my ungratefulness. How did I become so ungrateful, is it because I have so much and that I just take it all for granted. 

My prayer today
Dear God make me like those children. In the small things make help me to be grateful and in the large things help me to be grateful. And God if I can’t be grateful take my toys away so that I will understand what being grateful feels like again.

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