Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sunday Math

Before leaving for church this morning, I  had to find change for the bus. I put one dime and three nickles in one pocket and just to be sure I had extra in case I needed it to come home, I put two dimes and a nickle in the other pocket.

 I caught the bus and took out my change as the man came to get the money. I counted out my change and something was wrong.  I only had a dime and two nickels. The man passed by me seeing I was still trying to find my change. When he returned I was still counting my change as I had reached into my other pocket and took out all my change. I must have had a mind blimp because I now was trying to find five cents to make it fifty cents. I was about ready to call Terry who was at church to meet me at the bus stop and give me five cents, when the bus guy returned. I had forty-five cents, I was a nickle short, I handed him all my change and dug around in my purse again. I found a nickle and said, "Necesito cinco centavos." He smiled waved my nickle off and went on down the aisle.

On arriving to church I was telling a friend about my money problem and she said, "Patty, the bus is only twenty-five cents." I flunk at bus math.

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