Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Thoughts on Green Trash

While preparing dinner Terry came in and told me about something that had just happened as he put the green trash out. Green trash is food garbage that is picked up every other evening. We normally don’t have much as I usually just put it into the black trash. Tonight we had a lot because several of us had lunch together and we had a wonderful time fellowshipping and sharing. There were a lot of scraps, mostly rice. 

Terry told me he had met a sweet older lady with a small grandchild outside the door as he was going out to run an errand. He greeted her and she in turn greeted him. He watched as she and the little girl opened the green trash bin. As he was telling me this my heart hurt, as did his. “Did she take anything out?” He said, “I couldn't look.”

This could be a story of poverty, which it is. But as I was finishing up our meal, I thought of the spiritual poverty of people all around us. We say hello and greet each other without knowing the needs they have. People are searching for spiritual nourishment while we as Christians sit at a banquet in our Bible studies and churches and don’t even share the scraps.

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