Monday, September 8, 2014

Missionary Mommy Wars and a Comforter

This school year is going to be a little different for me. God has sent two other teachers to work with the MKs at the school. Nolan will still be teaching the High School students. I will be taking on the ministry of helping to support the parents of our team's children and also working with the children who will be attending the national schools, but who need some tutoring to help them with reading.

Being a missionary mommy is a difficult journey and sometimes they need a comforter. My definition of comforter is : a warm cover that wraps around you when your really wanting to just stay in bed. I remember in my days as a young seminary wife with three little ones, wanting to stay under the covers and not ever come out. In fact I would have been happy to just have stayed under bed.

God sent three comforters to me and they wrapped themselves around me, sometimes dragging me out of bed, loved me, took care of my children, rescued me from my children and maybe even saved my children' s lives. These women shared their lives with me. 

Young missionary mothers need someone to come along beside them, someone who is real. They need someone that has bad days but still goes on, someone who is not perfect but they are letting Christ work in their lives. Pray that I can be a warm comforter to our missionary families.

 Roles change, sometimes changes are hard, but looking back you see that God has prepared you for that change. I will be tutoring, planning and doing Kids Clubs, parents night out, and being Marme to little ones. Please read the following link so that you will know how to pray for these mommy warriors on the field.

 Missionary Mommy Wars

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