Thursday, April 2, 2015

The Runaway Missionary

Ever since I was a teenager I wondered what it would be like to run away.There have been times in my life that I tried but always chickened out and went back. My children have some good stories about that. I guess insecurity was a good thing for me . But hey you need to run off sometime in your life and if you are going to be 61 in a few days and you never have, you better go for it.

I was having an I REALLY NEED TO GETAWAY for a couple of days feeling a few weeks ago.Sometimes on the mission field you have those days. Well if you let it build up it turns into I REALLY THINK I WILL RUNAWAY. 

I told Nolan  I needed to leave. I think he was thinking I was going out to the store. When he saw I was a little crazy he tried to comfort me by saying" let's go out to lunch" nope I wanted no lunch. He asked a friend to ask me to go to lunch with her. Nope I didn't want lunch with her. I already had my backpack packed and I was going away.  Kissing my husband goodbye I walked out the door. As I shut the main building door I thought "what am I doing". I kept walking and the further I got the more empowered I felt. I made it across the big scary street and to where I thought the Ruta Taxis were. 

Some how I managed to miss the street that the Ruta Taxis were located. I thought, how am I going to do this when I can't even find the Ruta Taxi. Walking several blocks I found it and remembered I had not packed my passport and I didn't even know my phone number. What I am going to say when they ask me for my phone number and passport number? What am I going to do if there is a police check. I could be put in jail and no one will know because I don't know my phone number.  I did have my phone with me but I don't know how to use it. Now I was going to have to go back home for the passport and than I would change my mind about running away.I took a deep breath, walked into the the Ruta Taxi office, gave them my name and destination and I was on my way.

 I than remembered I had not even contacted the place I was heading too. What if they were full and than I would have to turn around and go back.  When I arrived I went on into the office and asked if they took walk-ins.

 I felt like such a big girl. I got my very own room key which I was able to lock into my room. They are keeping my keys at the front desk when I leave the room now. I found that I could climb into the window if I need to.

I met another lady who also decided to run away. She is a teacher in a town about five hours away from Loja. Together we headed out to find honeycomb. My Spanish skills are not good, hers were better. We hopped into a taxi with some guys name on a piece of paper and headed out to some little town to find honeycomb. We found the honeycomb location she purchased a bucket full to take back to Cuenca to make candles. 

Last night I was treated to a Madre Tierra Jamboree. Three guitars, an accordian and a plastic bucket. I Got to bed late and woke up late. I have eaten plates of wonderful fries and had the best batidos around. I had decided I was staying away for as long as my money lasted. I checked the front desk to see if  today was the day I had to go home.  

I will be home soon, just not today. 

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