Thursday, June 11, 2015

What I really really want

Nolan and I are in the states for a few weeks. I have had one Reuben,  went to Sonic once and had three baths.Normally that would be two baths a day. I haven't been to the thrift store yet. All the things that I thought I missed, hasn't given me a lot of joy. Well except the Reuben it was really good. 

The bath didn't turn out well because somehow I managed to do something to my sternum and it made it really difficult to get out of the tub. We went to Sonic and I ordered fries, mozzarella sticks and a strawberry shake. The fries were not like the Belgium fries back in Loja. They were not even salted. The shake was warm and a bit like tasting cardboard. I got really sick and we had to leave and quickly return home after the meal. 

I am a few miles from the Thrift Store and my desire to shop shop shop isn't there. The three pair of pants and four shirts I bought seem to be working out well. Not counting the one that lost a snap because I went from a twelve to a 14. I had left some clothes here at Nae's last year so I am fine in the clothes department.

I have been able to download all my music cds that were lost in my last computer crash episode. I have saved  worms from drying up on the sidewalk. I don't like handling worms, but what can you do when your granddaughter is bound and determined to save all the worms on the hot sidewalk but she won't touch them. There are still lots of Peppermint Patties in the freezer. Only one has been eaten by me. 

We will be going to Illinois soon and spending a few days with Seth and Carrie and to travel up to Chicago to get our visas renewed. From there we will head to Kansas City to visit Nolan's Brother and his family for a few days then head down to Arkansas to see family. Hoping to go thru Elvis Country and visit some friends there also. 

One of the things I have really missed were my lambs. I have been able to share long walks, listen to them share what has been going on in their lives and watch my oldest granddaughter dance at her recital. I have missed so much in the last year and it hasn't been the Sonic floats, Dr. Peppers, Reubens, and thrift stores. It has been the time with family and friends that I can't get back. It is the relationships that have changed because of distance, people who have gone to be with the Lord that I wasn't able to say goodbye too.

Continue to pray for Terry (Nolan) and I as we travel and visit with family. Pray for us as we share what we are doing in Ecuador. We are needing 500.00 more in monthly support. Pray that we are able to find prayer and financial advocates who will hold the ropes for us. 

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  1. I completely get that. I was trying to explain that someone the other day that things that I spent a lot of time missing while in Ecuador, don't really seem to live up to their expectation. There are some things like moose tracks ice cream that I have really enjoyed. :)