Friday, July 1, 2016

Thoughts on Packing

Years ago when  I felt the call to missions I fought the call because of circumstances, fear and disobedience. As I pack I am thinking of  circumstances right now. This is a difficult time for us to go back. There are circumstances in our family that make it hard. We have had to make some tough decisions and there are some other decisions we have to just leave to God and know that he is in control. 

There is some fear about our ministry when we get back to Loja. It will change and be different. Fear about leaving loved ones. Fear about making the right decisions. I know from the past that fear can keep me from the wonderful plans God has for us. But I have to be truthful it lurks in every decision we are making this time. 

Sometimes we don't know exactly what the right thing is to do. God doesn't just tell us in his deep voice "Ok this is what you are supposed to do". Sometimes you don't want to hear His voice because you know what you want to do. During these times you just have to obey. 

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