Monday, April 23, 2012

Is it Monday yet

Saturday was a busy day for us. Terry had worship practice in the morning and I met Becca at her house to go to the grocery store. We all met at our apartment for lunch as Becca had a get together for El Sendero here in the building at 4. We had a good time fellow-shipping with the team at El Sendero. Our pastor brought their little one over so they could have some time to themselves. By the time 8:00 rolled around I thought it was twelve and went to bed. 

I really thought about staying in bed this morning and skipping church. I know, bad missionary.  It was 8:30 and Terry needs to be at church at 9 for worship practice. I can get dressed quickly and we were out the door by 8:45 to catch the taxi. After we got to church I studied my Spanish homework and waited for the music practice to finish. Needless to say I was TIRED.

During first part of worship our pastor tells the people that we are going out to share, pray and encourage people on the street. Wow that’s catching the people who don’t show up to visitation! Rebecca is in one of the groups that are going so that leaves me with a class of five. She shows me the story and says they are making Super Heroes capes today and out the door she goes. 

I was thinking bad thoughts and grumbling to myself, almost in tears and wanted to quit. I really needed a super hero cape. I know again bad missionary.  I did my usual ad-libbing and the class went ok. Thanks to one of the boys who tries to help me out with my really bad Spanish. 

After church Terry and I went to the market with some friends to look at plants. On the way there I saw Dustan and Angel sharing with a man. We were already out of church and they were still out sharing. It was such a good sight to see. 

We came home with another plant that I hope I don’t kill. Because we were so tired and I didn’t want to fix lunch, we went out to eat. Walked five blocks, ate too much, and upon leaving found that it was raining. We spent a least a half hour waiting for a taxi than decided to walk home. This Sunday we took a nap. We woke up in time for Terry to meet with the English Club and for me to put the classroom back in order. Looking forward to the work week.

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