Sunday, April 15, 2012

A Little Piece of Our School Day

The school has a wonderful art teacher. Jenny is very gifted and we are blessed to have her come on Wednesdays. She is also a missionary with

The children are so imaginative at break. They love playing baseball with a small soft ball and empty coke bottle at times they will just use their hand to hit the ball. Watching them play is such a joy and many times a great laugh.

The game with the chairs started off being bomb the villagers. When I intervened and told them that wasn't such a good name, they changed it. Now it's Hit the Villagers. Last week Marcus had all the students running bases while he timed them with his watch. I went out and had to run bases. They thought it was great that I got one second higher than my first run. Which was the slowest of all of them.

There is a school across the street from us and also one behind our building. Looking out of the front window of our building I saw these girls hanging over the wall. Not sure if they are waving flags of surrender.

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