Friday, August 3, 2012

Winning the Baggage War


Terry and I have purchased our plane tickets and have been able to locate medical insurance for the next year. I have rolled up clothes to be able to get an idea of how many I will be able to take back. Maybe I have gone a bit overboard at the thrift store.

 I have boxed school curriculum many times to see how many books I can get into boxes. I have no idea why, because the books have to be put in the suitcases.

Last year when we left we were allowed two free pieces of checked luggage. This year we are allowed one piece and will have to pay 60 for the other. Now I have to decide what is worth 60 dollars for me to take, if they would allow Dr. Pepper that might be worth it.

 I am going to put the unimportant things in the free check in, and the really important things into the one that is going to cost the 60.oo,that way I feel a little better about spending the extra money on an extra suitcase to take extra stuff. 

I also plan on layering my clothes. I read somewhere online that if you layer your clothing you will have more space in your suitcase for more stuff. This is my plan, stockings, swimsuit, long sleeved tee shirt, short sleeved shirt over long sleeved Tee, light sweater, leggings under jeans with a skirt on top of that and hiking boots as they are too heavy for suitcase. I will also need a knitted hat as some days are chilly so I will wear one to keep the chill off on the plane. My hoodie will be tied around my waist. If the plane gets to hot I will be able to take the sweater, short sleeved tee, and the skirt off and roll up into my hoodie for a pillow.  

Now I need to figure out how to layer Terry.

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