Saturday, September 29, 2012

Kitchen Spanish and Puffs

This last week another missionary and I went to find puffs, (bean bag chairs) for the school. We located and purchased them, but they were a little too large to carry back to the school. While Janeen went back to her home to get her car, I waited inside the store.

 I was able to talk with the vender and found he had lived in Italy for several years and that his family is still there. Many Ecuadorians move to Spain or Italy to find work. Using my baby Spanish and lots of hand gestures we were able to have a conversation about where I lived, what I was doing here, and talked about my family. When Janeen returned with the car, we were only able to get two of the Puffs to fit into the car and I had to wait a bit more while she took them to school and returned for me. So the vender and I talked some more. 

I have also been attending the Spot Light Clubs  on Wednesday nights. This program helps those who want to use their English skills in a conversational group; I am finding that English is a hard language to understand. When you have to explain a word to someone who doesn't speak english, it  makes you think about all the words we use, and never think about the meanings. It isn't as easy as you would think.

We also had a group from Australia here this past week and they fixed a wonderful meal for the SIM team. We all had a wonderful time of fellowship and great food. 

Speaking of food. I had my first and probably last taste of Morcella or blood sausage.

 I am helping at El Sendero for an hour each day. This is greatly improving my language skills as well as other skills.  I have helped make several different kinds of fruit juices or jugos, pina, guanabana, babaco, naranjana, avena de colada and lemonada.

I am learning  to use a blender. Don’t laugh; I just never needed to use one before. I think they did laugh at me when I was taking the blender cup off and all the juice went all over the place. I learned that I have no idea how to chop or peel potatoes. The ladies in the kitchen can peel and chop four papas to my one and I have to use a tater peeler because I will cut my fingers off with the knife.

 For an hour a day I am washing dishes, making juice, clearing tables, building relationships, sometimes making a fool of myself, and growing my language skills for Jesus. 

Un hora cada dia, estoy lavando los platos, haciendo jugos, y aprendendo espanol por mi Senor.

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