Monday, September 3, 2012

New School Year and New boots

We are settled in and getting ready to start a new school year. This year will look a little different than last year. We have two new teachers Mr. and Mrs. Cook from Canada and three fewer students. Three of our students are on furlough in the States. So doing the math we have four teachers and five students.
One Room School

Terry will be working with the two high school students and the Cooks will be working with the younger children. I will be in and out of the classroom assisting.  Terry and I will be able to get in two hours a day of Spanish with this schedule. 

In the afternoons I will be tutoring some of the MKs that attend the national schools. I will also be putting together a MK Club for all the MKs twice a month, working in our churches children’s Sunday school, and hopefully learning some Spanish while washing papas (potatoes) an hour a day at El Sendero. Terry will be doing a Bible Study and working in the English Club on Sunday evenings.

 In between time, I will be getting lost, making a fool of myself with my language skills, choosing a cell phone and learning how to use it, riding buses and taxis by myself, learning my phone number and address, learning how to wear boots with a higher heel than I am used too, all of this in Spanish. And yes, I think there is a Ecuadorian way of wearing boots with heels. 

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