Saturday, September 22, 2012

Last year while packing for our trip to Loja, I wanted to bring a few things that were important to me. You know for the days that I got homesick or just needed a reminder of things past. This quilt was one of the things I brought  with us. Terry's grandmother Elsie Purtell made this. She was a Godly women, who prayed for her children and grandchildren. I thought it would be nice to bring a part of her, here to Loja. 

As I was making the bed this morning, I thought about a women who prayed for a young boy. I think part of the reason why we are here in Loja is because she prayed that her grandson would grow to be a man of God.

Thirteen years ago God blessed us with our first grandson. Marcus Wade King. Over the last thirteen years I have watched as he has grown into a wonderful young man. I have prayed that God would bring each one of my grandchildren to an early salvation and God has blessed that prayer. Marcus was the first to make a decision to follow Christ. Marcus won't have a Quilt from Marme Purtell to look at when he is older, but I want him to know that Marme and Papa have prayed for him from the very first day we knew he was coming into our lives. 

When I have gone to be with my Lord, I pray that all of my grandchildren will be serving him. I can think of no better gift to give them than my prayers. 

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