Sunday, September 16, 2012

Wrong Heart Right Heart

Yesterday Terry and I finished up the painting of the Apartment we are living in at the LMC building. Last year I talked about painting it, picked out colors several times, but just didn’t get to it. Living with grey concrete walls can get a little annoying so we got the paint and together we painted the six walls. I learned that a person with a perfectionist attitude can work with a person with a   who cares just do it attitude. The person with the who cares attitude just has to wait a little longer to get it done.

Paint in Loja is a little different from paint in the states. It is made to cover concrete walls. It is thick like custard and the fumes can be really bad. We are both pleased with the outcome.  I think the next person who lives in here will enjoy it.

The first week of school went well. The two new teachers are going to do a wonderful job with the students. I had a bit of a break because I am not doing the majority of the teaching. But this week I start with an hour a day of language, an hour of study, and hour working at El Sendero, and in the afternoons I will be tutoring several MKs. I will still be involved in the school, reading to the children and teaching them about the work missionaries are doing around the world. Terry is teaching the High School students during the school day and also taking an hour of Spanish. 

Terry preached this morning. Our pastor interpreted. I worked with the children in Sunday School. This morning I was assisting in the older children’s class but had to go get something from the younger children’s class. I saw the younger ones were making a project with glitter and glue and there were several in the class from the age of two to five. I asked the teacher if she needed me to help. 

I learned Corazon means heart. I knew that, but was just not thinking. I was to draw a heart and I thought I was to write the word on their project. I am so glad children are forgiving. One little one who wasn’t able to handle scissors yet, asked me to cut for him. I took his hands in mine and we cut out his project, all the while saying bien to him. He was all smiles. He didn’t like having the glue on his hands and I motioned for him to come with me. He took my hand and we went to the bathroom to wash them. After drying them, he looked up smiled and reached out for my hand. 

Today I was able to show God’s love by taking a small hand in mine. God was able to show me his love by taking my hand in His and showing me that I don’t have to have the right words, just the right heart.

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